Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never a Bad Day to Start Writing Again

Just wanted to repost something I did in the past. I thought this is funny and I hope you like it too.

1. My husband thinks I am the sexiest woman alive... and he is right.
2. We have the cutest girls in the universe... seriously have you seen the pictures? How could they go wrong? Look at their mom.
3. Don't take me too seriously... but seriously look at the pictures.
4. Everyone thinks I was put on earth to solve their problems. How do they find me? People I can only take so much.
5. I feel like I have to solve people's problems. I love solving their problems.
6. I am an Almond Joy kind of girl... I always feel like a nut.
7. I love looking at myself in the mirror... truly, I like looking at myself in anything with a reflection. Seriously people, when I walk by a store window I pretend to look inside, but in reality I am looking at the reflection of myself.
8. I work out hard so I can look at myself in the store windows, and say "Look at that hot girl."
9. I really work out hard so I can eat what I want.
10. I loooooove rice. I need it at each meal or I feel empty.
11. When did celery started tasting good? I use to hate celery, now I tolerate it.
12. I like to be funny, but sometimes I am not good at it... but I laugh at it anyways.
13. I love my girls. Even if they drive me crazy sometimes.
14. I sometimes feel like I neglect them... I like to drown them out by pretending they don't exist for awhile. Seriously, I love my girls.
15. I have many talents, but the one that people are really impressed with is my hula hooping skills... and let me tell you I "got some nice moves."
16. I find it easy to make friends, and yes you are my friend. Yes, you are... and I don't take no as answer.
17. Sometimes I know that I am not the center of the Universe... only sometimes.
18. One day I am going to rule the world by my looks alone.
19. I think that best friends make good lovers. Look at me and Chad. That wasn't funny, but I laughed anyways.
20. My husband is my universe and I call him way too much when he is not near by.
21. I love to entertain.
22. I love to laugh and if I am not smiling, it might be that time of month and you need to start running.
23. I use to think I was ugly. I don't know what changed my mind... I must have looked in a store window's reflection.... HOT.
24. Seriously, look at the pictures. LOL
25. If I am staring at you... don't worry I am not in love with you. I am planning a makeover starting with your hair.


Angela said...

Excuse me... where's the sushi???

savin said...

i love rice and sushi has rice