Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Toy for Daddy

Father's Day was this Sunday. Daddy had a wonderful time. He enjoyed all his gifts.
He got a belt and a new TV.

The whole weekend daddy was playing (as mommy calls it) his new toy, the HDTV. It is a 42" screen GL with 1080p. I guess that is good. It has all the inputs he wanted. He couldn't have been the happiest guy ever. Just to let you know we are not rich... this was a 2008 model and they were coming out with new models so they had this on clearance for over 1/2 off.

On Monday Nysa asked if she can give a gift to daddy. Since she was having a good time giving pretend gifts to Kaya and I, I didn't think anything of it. She gave me her whole piggy bank, she informed me it is only pretend and that I can't keep it. Well anyways for daddy's gift. When daddy came home she handed him a wrapped present. In it was her Mulan doll. She informed daddy that this was a toy that he can play with and that it was silly to call the TV a toy. This doll is an actual toy, and she let daddy keep it.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Father's day to Chad! Kendrick got a new pair of shoes but I KNOW he would have loved me forever had I gotten him a new T.V!