Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Man in the Maternity Store

I know it is way to early for me to start shopping for maternity clothes, but I don't fit into any of my pants. Where did my waist go? I only gained 5 lbs, but I have 5 extra inches in my waist. You ladies know what I mean... the I am not fat... I am pregnant stage.

I decided to go to Destination Maternity, because they had lots of selections. Destination Maternity also has a play area for your kids and a flat screen TV for your man. After we were greeted by a friendly associate, a gentelman came in after us. He had a bag with him, consequently, the sale associate asked if he had a return. He replied, "No." I will call him John.
Curious, the sale associate asked, "If he needs any assistance finding anything."
He joked around about trying some dresses and I lost interest with John and concentrated on what I was there for.

Later, I was poking my head out a dressing room to signal to Chad to see if he liked my selection, I spotted John sitting near Chad in front of the flat screen TV. Chad informed me that John got a call while he was there.

The converstation;
John "I am at the maternity store... the maternity store... the maternity store... the maternity store... because they have the NFL draft/picks on."


Heidi B C said...

Hey, more power to him!!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! How far along are you? I'm sure you look great regardless of how much you've gained:)

savin said...

Thanks. I am almost 4 months I think I don't keep track.