Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Adorable Nysa

Let me tell you people about my adorable Nysa. She came after Kaya, the perfect baby. Kaya went by the book... if the book said that babies achieve a certain thing at this age she did. The only problem I had with her was breastfeeding. So, I was expecting another perfect baby... not the opposite. It's like she never read the book. She did things her ways... it's not a bad way, but I never expect it. She started talking at one and never stopped. She says the funniest things and don't even now how she remembers stuff you say a month ago.

Let me tell you a little about her personality. She knows what's true and she sticks to it. Kaya likes to say that everyone wins, but Nysa will tell who really won. Also that everyone can not sit next to everyone else. You can only sit next to one or two people. She is very direct and never sugar coats anything. Where Kaya likes to make everyone happy. Not Nysa... if you don't like the truth then that is your problem. She is a no nonsense kind of girl.

We were in Target a month ago and Kaya and Nysa was running through the story the whole time. When we were about to leave we passed a guy who was overweight. He made a comment to his friend that, "There they are again, they never stop." He was being funny and thought they were cute. Well, Nysa looks at him and says, "Hey mommy that guy..." before I can stop her, "has a big belly." He laughs and said to his friend, "Did you hear what she said?" Of course that night Daddy had a big talk about how we are not allowed to say stuff like that in public.

Well, yesterday we were at the Costco and leaving and the guy that was checking our receipt was overweight. Nysa just stared at him. All of a sudden she says, "Daddy has a big belly." I turn to Chad and ask him why did she say that. He informed (that is fancy for tell) me that when they were talking about not tell people we don't know that they had a big belly, they asked if they can say that daddy have a big belly. Reluctantly, he said yes you can say that daddy has a big belly. Well, I guess Nysa listened to her daddy. LOL


Anonymous said...

She is so cute.

sblimes said...

Isn't it wonderful that God gives us such a diversity of children for us to learn from.