Friday, August 5, 2016

Choosing to Move to Cambodia

When I tell people I am moving to Cambodia, I get many different reactions.
"Wow, that is awesome.  Why?"
"Why are you going?  Work?"
"Really? Why would you think of doing that?"
"Cambodia?  You don't hear that everyday.  Can I ask you, Why?"

Well, I guess that is the same question.  Why?  People usually like to know why.  It is so hard to answer to them in one simple sentences.  So here is a long drawn out explanation. :)

I was born in Cambodia in 1977, during the Khmer Rouge Reign.  Our family escape to Thailand and stayed in a refuge camp for about 5 years.  After we immigrated to the United States.  I learnt English fast and simulated well to the culture.  I went back to Cambodia in 2008 just with my mother. (You can read those stories in my past posts.  I wrote them at the end of 2008 and a couple in 2009.  I made one the feature post.)  I loved it there.  Yes, it was dirty, it was stinky in the city, it is hot and humid, it is crowded, it is loud and when it rains you can swim in the streets.   I still loved it.  It was magical for me, I fell in love with the people and the culture.  Maybe it was because I was on vacation and my family treated me like a princess.  It doesn't matter how I fell in love with the country.  I always wanted to go back and I wanted everyone to feel what I felt.

Two years ago, I struggled to fit into middle America.  Life didn't seem rewarding and I felt like I didn't belonged.  I felt there was something wrong with my spirituality and my faith.  I didn't feel the Lord in my life like before.  I prayed and I searched the scriptures and one of the answers I believed I got was to move to Cambodia.  Every time I think or talk about it I would be so happy.  I felt in my heart that God has told me to go to Cambodia.  Maybe there is some good I can do when I am there.

If you don't like the answer that God told me to do it, then here are a few other reasons.

I want my kids and my husband to learn Khmer (the language of Cambodia).  I want my kids to know where they come from and their culture.  I also need a refresher in Khmer.  My children will be learning more than just the language.  They will learn things that they can't ever learn being here in the states alone.  I want to them to view the world with a different perspective.

"Well," you ask, "How does you husband feels about the whole thing?"  Two years ago he was unsure, because he doesn't know how it would be possible.  We only pushed with the planned when he came to me and said he wants to leave his job and that moving to Cambodia is a great alternate plan.  He told me of a plan where things will work perfectly for us if we move to Cambodia.  He is excited to learn the language, culture and meet my family.

There are those that don't believe we will make it.  They think that we are too spoiled to live in Cambodia.  It is too hot, it is too dangerous, it is not middle America.

To those people, I tell you that we are stronger and more capable than they know.  Also, Cambodia is not as dangerous as it use to be, there is air conditioning, there is modern conveniences, and most importantly we have lots of family that will be helping us.

The dangers that people warn me about can be found here in the United States.  Theft, corruption, traffic accidents, pedophile, etc.  All these dangers can exist anywhere in the world.

Am I saying that it is going to be easy?  No, but Nothing Worth Doing is Ever Easy.


Angela said...

I'm excited for you and the family. I look forward to hearing about your life in Cambodia.

Tonya Nounna said...

I think you are making a great decision for you and your family. Don't let people judge you. You are beautiful, intelligent and you have a great testimony. I can't wait to hear about your many adventures.