Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mommy Store... and yes I did!

No, I did not open a store to the public.  I did not spend hours making crafts or sewing projects and selling them.  I am not going shopping for mommy jeans or any other items a mommy would buy.  No, no this is a different mommy store.
I got tired of picking all my kids stuff off the floor. ( My husband's stuff, too.)  Yesterday I decided to pick everything up and put all in a basket.  When everyone came home I inform them I am opening a store up in the house.  There will be a viewing and everyone need to make an appointment to shop at the store.  OH YES I DID!  If they wanted anything back they will have to pay me for it.  If you don't buy it after a week, it will go in the trash can. 

This is what I found today.  I had a lot more yesterday.  I made $8 yesterday.
You might ask what I do with clothes, because you will have a lot of them lying around.  Well, if it is not in the hamper it will not be washed and whatever I pick up off the floor I put in a box.  If you want to wear any of those clothes then you need to wash them yourself.  

One lady told me a story when she threw all her kids clothes on the lawn.  She only had to do it once.  haha so funny... They were teenagers.  I will have to remember that.

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