Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Do They Do It

So today I heard about a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant woman ran a marathon. She finished the race at 3PM and had her baby at 10PM the same day. Can you believe that? Okay... I ran a 15K in 1hour and 53mins when I was eight weeks pregnant with my third baby, but I didn't run anymore that pregnancy. I am 20 weeks with my fourth child and it is starting to hurt to do a walk/run 5K. So I am asking how do these women do it? I was planning on running a 6K in the Thanksgiving Run, but it looks like that will not be possible. I will almost be 7 months by then. I am really bumped out about the whole thing. My endurance is there, but the pain in my lower abs/pubic bone area is very sharp and as the baby gets bigger it is getting worse. The nurse at my doctors office told me I need to slow down, but I don't want to. She then suggested a pregnancy corset or a sling.

Gabrialla <em>Maternity</em> Light Support <em>Girdle</em>, Extra Small, White, 1 ea

Best Cradle - Prenatal Cradle Ultimate Pregnancy Support Belt

Do you think those women wore these things? I am scared of them.
I really want to do that Turkey Run... I would really look like a turkey.

I think I might try something like this... not the corset, but something.

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